Tablet point of sale Mobile Tablet

Mobile Tablet POS

With Odyssey mobile POS software you can now take your cash register with you. Our Android software does a lot more than your traditional systems. It’s built for the hospitality and retail businesses, managing your inventory, customers, and loyalty card systems. Our mobile software runs 100% off line, so you can travel to the outskirts of the word and still operate your day to day business.

Tablet point of sale Office

Online Back office

With our CLOUD based back office you can control your stock, send out monthly statements to customers or just view statistical information and 100’s of valuable reports. It has never been easier, have multiple tablets all linked to one or more back office systems. Complete from ordering to receiving stock. Fully functional stock take either on back office or through the tablet “point of sale”. Take your business to the next level with our CLOUD based solutions.

Recommended hardware! (Poslab 15.6″ EcoPlus Pos Terminal)

The Poslab EcoPlus is a small and simple POS terminal that is able to fulfill majority of tasks required by small-medium business.

The Poslab EcoPlus, has it all in the smallest footprint for your business, includes a tablet on a cradle built-in with a printer and customer pole display. Simply plug it in and you are ready for the successful business day.

Tablet point of sale Cloud

CLOUD Reporting

With our web based reporting system you can be anywhere in the world, and monitor what is going on at each shop or mobile device. View your fast moving items, best sellers or just your overall turnover and profit per shop. You can also compare items across different branches or get an overall view of each branch sales and turnover figures. Ideal for owners and area managers with different branch level access per individual.

Tablet point of sale Wheel

FREE 30 Day trial!

Register your Free 30 day trail online at After registering your company details, you can log  into the Google Play store and download the Odyssey POS software there. No obligation or credit card details required, act Now! and get your business online.

Odyssey Tablet Point of Sale
Customer and suppliers

Our back office system also have a complete customer and supplier’s module. While receiving stock, Odyssey will automatically update the supplier (Creditor) account so that you can keep track of your purchases and payments.

Customers can also buy on an account and do account payments. Through our customer (Debtors) module you can the print monthly age analysis or send statements to customer via email or fax. Daily purchase values can be send through our SMS gateway to keep customers up to date with their account balance.

See a complete list of features: Tablet Point of Sale Features

Loyalty Card system

Odyssey also allows you to integrate to our loyalty card software. This is also an online web based system where you can monitor what clients are buying from you and how often. Print customer Coupons/gift vouchers depending on the amount spend over a period of time. Our loyalty system also allows you to communicate to your clients through bulk SMS messages or email campaigns.

Odyssey Tablet Point of Sale
Sales Anywhere

You can now do sales on the move. It does not matter if you are a cashier inside a mall shop, a traveling salesmen or owns a farm stall next to the highway. Odyssey tablet software allows you to manage you stock and sales without any internet connection. The process is simple and easy, at the end of your working day you can just connect the device to the 3G or WiFi connections and Odyssey will upload and process the day’s transaction to our CLOUD back office system. With your unique login ID you can then access the CLOUD back office from anywhere and view sales information as required.

Stock / Inventory Control

Our CLOUD based back office system allows you to control stock from a simple internet connection. Do complete stock takes for each store or tablet device. Stock takes can also be imported from MS Excel. If you do not require to do a full stock take, Odyssey allows you to categorise your items and do stock takes per department. For individual stock adjustment it is just as easy, you can adjust individual product quantities with pre-set reason. Thus enabling you to get reports of why stock was adjusted according to reason and person/manager that did the adjustment.